Stainless steel product line is one of the stainless steel are quite popular items of interest in recent years, this is a versatile product line is used in many professions now so if anyone is in need buy stainless steel stainless steel products with good price, please contact us immediately for a quotation oristarcorp

Introduction of stainless steel coil square stainless steel box

This is a pretty good one type of steel used and applied in many sectors in the market today

Stainless steel stainless steel square box with the following dimensions

200×200 steel square steel square 200x200x5, 200x200x6 steel pipes, steel 200x200x8 box, steel box 200x200x10, 200x200x12 steel box, steel 300×300 box, steel box 300x300x6, 300x300x8 steel pipes, steel 300x300x10 box, steel box 300x300x12

All products are steel companies Oristarcorp imports from countries such as Russia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, so the quality is quite quality products

The length of each product: 6m, 12m

Are manufactured according to standard Q235, Q345, A36, A500 STK, SS400

Applications: as crane, tripod, bracket, elevator …

Here are samples of stainless steel stainless steel products are selling well in the company Oristarcorp, if customers need to buy products cheaply on the company please contact us for a quote

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